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We are three sisters who are literary best friends, and our story begins in Ukraine, where we came up with an idea suitable for today's realities of independent women's life. Having children, work, and trying to catch up with everything in our lives, we have encountered a lack of time for being devoted followers of fashion as we have always been. There was no more space for hours shopping, internet surfing of trends in our fast-paced fashion so that the wardrobe's seasonal selection became a disaster. As it turned out, many of our girlfriends and subscribers faced such a problem. Some have written:

I love to look stylish and inspiring, but I tired from being aware of all fashion updates. My saturated life begins to push time out for minor matters. However, every woman knows that a perfect outfit improves mood and self-confidence increasingly! So I'm not ready to give it up.

My wardrobe is such a mass! There is nothing that goes well with each other. I buy the things that I've got a crush on. Then I can't match it with anything in my wardrobe; therefore, as time goes on, I still think that I will find a suitable piece, but it goes out of fashion, and I buy myself the next thing I got a crush on...

Sometimes I want to buy cool outfits that inspire me, but I don't have time to dive into the sea of ​​choice of global fashion industry, ordering from different places and get extra delivery payments. So I leave it for later but never get back.



After all, we decided to create a solution for women with saturated lives that will allow them to look unbeatable and have a 100% usability wardrobe. Our affordable clothing packages consist of a capsule wardrobe in a Box. We create collections with a full match of colors and styles, including the latest fashion trends and essential basics. Isn't it brilliant? If you can't wait to experience it, go to our boxes and try one.


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